#14 Blake's Back

Blake calls me while he's out on tour with his bands Vanity Plate and the Juniper Drive. We talk about desert madness, déjà vu, the McKenzie Pass, food, Seattle, Colin, running out of gas, and the Mothman Prophecies.

If you're in North Dakota, you can catch them at their last few dates:

6/18 in Bismarck at Side B

6/19 in Fargo at the Aquarium

6/20 in Grand Forks at Ojata Records

Prairie Fire Songbook

Also! Check out Prairie Fire Songbook, it's a "podcast about songwriters of the prairie". Both Vanity Plate & The Juniper Drive were recently featured on it.


While you're at it, check out Colin's band Tangler and their single, I Have Had Breafast/I Have Had Diner.

Kids With Beards

Kids With Beards' Kickstarter has five days left! You can still donate.