#12 Trump in Bismarck

On May 26th, I went to hear Donald Trump speak at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND. I spoke with supporters and protesters outside the event, trying to get an idea of what people here think of the presumptive Republican nominee.

Recommended reading regarding Trump's speech in Bismarck: New York TimesForeign PolicyThe Guardian.

Donald Trump talked about energy policy when he was here. Here's the gist: in Trump's first 100 days, he wants to rescind basically everything that Obama did, he wants to make it a policy to ignore the Paris climate agreements and any other global climate change initiatives, he wants Keystone XL to resubmit their permit so he can approve it, he wants us to make so much oil and coal that not only are we completely energy independent by using it, we're also exporting more of it to countries around the world — Trump talked about ND being at the forefront of an 'energy revolution' because of horizontal drilling & fracking. No wind energy by the way because hey guess what it 'kills millions of birds'!! It was terrifying, honestly just terrifying hearing all of these people cheer on these ridiculous ideas and then spewing hatred, fear, isolationism...

The only real energy revolution is going to be one that abandons fossil fuels for renewables and works to repair the global damages of capitalism, colonialism and climate change.

You already know this, but I have a great microphone, believe me. It's so powerful that it can take all of the ugly words and make them great again. They say to me, "look at him, he's so short, he wishes he was a girl, and he's so small. If he's so small, something else must be small too", well, they're wrong. It's huge. My microphone is huge, believe me, and it has all the best words — by the way, speaking of Tom Petty, did you know he stole all of his songs from me? — anyway, enough about Looting Tom. Many people walked out of his concert when he told them he hated Prairie Goth, but I walked out years ago because he couldn't even play the songs he ripped off from my catalog. It's a great catalog! Worth billions. And by the way, my microphone has all of the songs, all of the words, and they're all true words. That's a fact.

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I sat up in the nosebleeds alone. #donaldtrump #willistonbasinpetroleumconference #bismarck #northdakota #prairiegoth

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