#1 Cold Sweat (Part One)

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Cold Sweat is Ryan Tetzloff, a rapper from Minot, ND.

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hey everybody welcome to Prairie goth the very first episode of Prairie guy ever I'm your host Nora the janitor today we are speaking with cold sweat a rapper from Minot North Dakota today Prairie goth is sponsored by McCoach a recording studios located in the heart of downtown Bismarck North Dakota McCoach a studios provides professional audio and video production services for the region including recording mixing and mastering for your band or musical project producing videos and documentaries and doing transfers and restoration of media like cassette tapes reel-to-reel recordings or VHS tapes experienced hands working with new technology and vintage gear to tell your story McCoach a studios has produced award-winning audio and video since 1992 including nemi awards and grammy nominations their recordings are produced in a world-class artist friendly recording facility when McCoach a opened it was recognized by a leading industry magazine mix as a hot new room of the year you can find McCoach a online at McCoach a calm or on facebook oh and uh full disclosure I kind of kind of work there oh hey also here's here's sort of of just a little PSA do you guys know why not fast it's like pretty much the best thing it's like the best it's the best musical concert fast party conference of underground independent artists in North Dakota it's my opinion and I just want to let you know that they are now accepting submissions for this year's why not fast so if you want to play it probably the best way to find them is Facebook you can find them just search why not fast or go to why not fast tumblr calm this year it's it's always in August this year it's August 12 the 14th Friday Saturday Sunday it's seriously the best thing ever so if you're in North Dakota if you're in Minnesota if you're in Montana if you're coming on tour through here check them out if if you need more information hit me up there they're my favorite it's I can't wait it's always a blast and I always really look forward to it every year so check that out and hey if you want to sponsor the show get a hold of me it's cheap ad space yeah whoa this is this is intense hell am i this nervous to just sit in a room and tell you about my podcast this is kind of kind of heavy for me like this is this is it this is this is the moment I in three hours this is gonna be playing on the radio and you're listening to it right now and whoa I've been thinking about doing a podcast for like six years I have recordings from like 2010 of things that I would maybe eventually put on a podcast you know I think I traveled around for two months living in my van and made recordings on tapes and you know like I've been thinking about this for so long to have this moment of like okay it's about to happen and then right after that like okay it happened this is a thing it's a real thing now it's yeah whoa it's weird pretty hyped I'm actually super hyped I'm really nervous it's good it's a good thing it's a good thing looking forward to it yeah this whole thing's is I mean it's it's kind of selfish like the point of it is Oh God my voice is squeaking I thought it was through puberty I guess not hold on let me get some of this coffee and me and then I'll be better mmm yeah okay the the selfish thing of all of this is the real reason I want to do this this I want to I want to talk to more people and meet more people and kind of open that channel of we don't we don't really get that many chances to really sit down and talk with people I mean even though even the people that we know you know when was the last time you sat down with a close friend of yours or even like somebody from your family and you were like you know tell me about this thing that happened to you or what was it like for you to grow up and what's being alive like for you we just don't we don't really get a chance to do that very often so you so yeah the the the selfish thing of this is like I want to do that and this is a way for me to do that it's pretty tough for me to connect with people it's hard for me to spend like any time doing anything that's not sort of a creative project like I feel guilty when I'm not working on something so I'm trying to kind of use that maybe to my advantage or retrain my brain a little bit because I mean I don't know I don't know you're gonna listen to this interview with cold sweat and I don't know what you're gonna think of it and I'm super curious to know what you think of it but there's this there's this worry that people have when they're getting interviewed it's like is this boring am I going to bore people do I really matter and like I feel like everybody's story really does matter at the very least man from just talking to people I you know I learn a lot and I hope you're gonna learn something too from this and let me let me know if you do let me know let me know what you learned about about him or maybe about something in the the bigger picture I sure learned some stuff and in the bigger picture just from just from sitting down and talking to Ryan for you know a couple hours and it's cool it makes me feel good he's a he's a great dude and I'm excited for you to to listen to this 2015 was a weird year for me I feel like I finally kind of beat away some of the demons that were kind of keeping me from doing the things that I want to do and I kind of got the opportunity to just work a lot on the things that are important to me that I want to get better at and really I feel like I really hold up for for a year and not great things that I do but I I know that in the last year I've gotten better at them and that that's really like reassuring to me because I expect to kind of just be shitty at everything forever but there was this moment in December is probably like a week before this this interview took place honestly I I my car I don't really drive right I have this beat-up old van 1994 Plymouth Voyager and I love this van its I'm I got a I got a real like emotional connection to it but it's it's slowly kind of kind of it's getting old and like I drove it up to Minot for band practice and for a couple gigs and actually I guess it was before vanity plate mini to her and then when I drove it home I was just like man these brakes these brakes are not safe this car is freaking me out and then I kind of just let it sit there like I said my house and I didn't assign my apartment and I didn't I should have taken it in to get checked but I really didn't and then it snowed and I started getting icy and I'm like this is too scary I don't want to drive I don't want to hit something I hate driving man it's awful I am I'm lucky that even in this town we're like pretty much nobody walks around it's a very very car oriented town I still have this opportunity to just kind of like walk pretty much wherever I need to go so I'm you know I walk every day and I'm really Drive so like October middle of October I parked it and it's December my girlfriend and I are getting ready to go to Minneapolis to see Joyner Newsom and the night before we go I get home and I'm like I should I should probably like turn my car on and see if it's still working because it's been sitting there for about two months and it's completely like snowed in we live like right by a church so it's parked outside this church and there's just like it's just completely plowed in there's like a half foot of snow on it so on the top of it so I get home and I immediately like grab you know a snow what's the thing the ice thing that you scrape and like an ice scraper I grab an ice scraper I got there and I am listening to fresh air listening to this director talk about like coming out and writing movies about like gay life and doing that just scraping off all of this ice and pushing like a half foot of snow off the top of the roof warming up the car and like moving enough snow out from the front of it and away from the tires so I can like kind of rock it back and forth and eventually drive over this this snowbank and move it and and as I'm doing this like something about that moment you know maybe maybe it seems just completely banal but something about that moment made me think like this is the symbol of me at 23 I'm careless and I cannot be bothered with like these normal everyday things that I should be paying attention to I just don't care I don't care if my car sits there for two months I don't care if I fill out the paperwork that I need to - bla bla bla like I just there's so many things that just I kind of push to the side because it's just like like okay you don't care about this I've I've started like I'm not even gonna say I just I don't care about cleanliness that much anymore it's gross so I'm not gonna go into it but anyway it's there's so many things and there's like I can't be bothered with that why cuz I need to you know work on my craft man I need to go make art dude I don't care about the real world I'm gonna die someday and you know what I want to spend my time doing making stuff I don't give a shit about anything else I just want to make stuff connect with people and drink coffee that's pretty much it that's pretty much that's pretty much all I want and everything else can kind of fuck off so this is this podcast is a kind of kind of the fruits of that sort of Labor and carelessness oh god it's such a it's such a it's such a time suck so anyway I'm really excited for you to hear this I kind of like to start the interview like before it's really even started so the first thing you're gonna hear is actually me setting up the recording equipment well cold sweat is just sitting there this is the first interview I've ever done with somebody and I had to leave the room for a minute to go grab something so he's just sitting there kind of talking to himself for a second and any-any tell us tells me a story that actually cut that part from the radio so this is a little podcast extra but thank you so much for tuning in and listening ramble so I talked to cold sweat back in December and I've known him for going on maybe about three years now you know saw Matt shows and we talked about that a little bit he's always been one of the most kind of energetic outgoing nice just fun dudes chose one of those people that's not afraid to just kind of come up and talk to you and I've always appreciated his his his spirit you know and the things that he likes to write about and and rap about so I was very excited to sit him down and talk to him and see a little bit a little bit more about his life and what he's all about cold sweat has an album coming out March 22nd I think it's a Tuesday and it's his birthday it's called the right to arm up bear this interview is part one of two so keep an eye out for the next episode to hear to hear the second part all right let's check it out cold sweat oh just so you remember this is Graham's first interview oh really all right so this one time Janssen BZ and Skylar and I went to this place called hey belly can hate belly festival some friends of mine were throwing it out in the middle of nowhere Minnesota it was like awesome County Road how about Detroit Lakes but like kinda more inside Minnesota I guess I don't know it's a terrible explanation where is that but and we got there and like the indication of what a turn was like a lawn chair with a t-shirt that said hey belly take a left here so like we proceeded to take a left down this little dirt road had a couple of bumps and stuff and we got to this house all this got to be yeah and it was cool man it was like a little house out in the middle of the woods and it was like clear out spaces for tents and whatnot there was a bunch of people out there tanning and listening to music just getting drunk having a great time and man like it was so much it was like one of the craziest experience of my life it was very cool to be out there but at the end of the night we're stay up real late we're drinking this bunch of kegs of beer so we're getting all drunk BZ and I had a great night we stayed up and watched the Stars funny I ended up battle ravenous dude was like 4:00 in the morning like an hour I only remember it really it was like I was on snapchat and I watched it like that I can't remember a little bit but I was just it was very late at night and I was up for a while drinking beer staying up and it was crazy man it was real crazy one of the things that really made me wanted to keep on playing music for strangers the sound guy was passed out asleep at like 9:30 p.m. it's 10:30 slam-dunking like my name is James birdie for the show time the LA lake is the kind of suck nowadays like the last places like the 76ers out in Philadelphia goddamn I gotta find some fucking shelter brah because the tornadoes and the Hurricanes are coming through you might as well find me the ball at the local brew that's the laughing Sun that's the SRB that's the junkyard in Moorhead oh the of the week oh man damn it Oh becomes Graham hey I told I told the story and started freestyle and stuff yes pretty stupid though when in doubt headphones yeah okay yeah I can hear you so I can hear me do is there anything else that I need to do we're recording I got these hooked up yeah thank you for thanks for doing that a source man it's weird dude cuz it's like I've been thinking about doing this for like literally like something like four years yeah I'm glad you do it yeah well we need more of this kind of stuff around here right but like it's nerve-wracking yeah yeah like I don't mmm yeah glad you do that though like Peru yeah just get everybody that comes through here just wave come yeah yeah yeah and I you know I have no idea if it's like if it actually is an important thing or not know or maybe it's like maybe it's just um maybe it's I feel like artists will want to come on here you know me if you like if you're putting out maybe put it out there yeah yeah start oh we're starting okay yeah there there is no they have been starting we've been started yeah I was trying to think about like the first time like my first memory of you is why not 2013 okay that's my first one oh really yeah yeah cuz is mine mine too yeah that's right yeah you used came and saw us on the street you're off yes yeah yeah that's right get out and watch it yeah I remember that like who are these people yeah just the guy who has to do that out you had asked you to do um I think he was like I don't like dude with some kind of like freestyling or do some kind of something outside of budget music I'm like yeah of course you know they just moved downtown like around that time frame so I just like told some of my buddies over hey just meet me downtown this time just kind of hang out and then like somebody brought a camera I think was Hayden Swanson brought yeah hey the sponsor about camera and like just caught all the footage of it it's pretty cool like it was just like a something funny because it's like oh like there's quite a few was there and we're kind of kicking it and more of those things need to happen you know yeah that's funny that's the first time you ever saw me though yeah that's so was that even connected to why not yeah Oh essentially because it was like during the same time frame sure and like it was a why not thing okay I'm saying but it wasn't like jasmine or or Zac asking to do it was like some other somebody front budget yeah no it was like he was our main like somebody who was controlling that page for art it looks like a business downtown yeah but I don't remember though you know your first why not fest was was 2013 yeah that kind of because you're from Minot yeah but I didn't plug so that that was like August 2013 and my first show was until November of 2012 so this is like nine months before my first act my first show so like oh really yeah and like back in those days I didn't plan that many shows like I wanted played like sure once every three months so I didn't have those connections quite yet I didn't really have those like I wasn't that confident in my skills at that point I was kind of just starting to get into it and like it's a Mickey year to like really like go out there and try to shows and stuff like I was like chillin in my room and Grand Forks you know like right and like a lyrics I think there was right I was just saying about the other day I was like those first like notebooks I had were so terrible just so bad you know yeah it's crazy how like like how much you can do in a couple years you know I mean like right just personally and like to develop your craft and I period of time you know it's pretty cool yeah just takes time yeah you just got the time practice a little bit so okay so I want to come back to that mhm but so you are originally from Minot is that right no I was born in Maryland yes yeah my dad's XML ex-air force exerted first when you were born yes yeah so like so I was born in Maryland then we moved to Germany because you know we got stationed at River and then we moved to Vienna when I was like six or seven and then I've been there ever since you know I got into I graduate high school that I went to graphics on with the und I was live like five years and now I'm back in my lab but I come at my hometown okay you know I'm saying I've never even been back to Maryland I didn't go to Germany I was in yeah I mean like I did you know I mean I was like I was living in Spain I didn't go to Germany as a psych but yeah consider my that's my hometown that's why I grew up that's why I kept me you know I'm saying like you said you were six or seven but yeah kindergarten like like like wow January or February my kindergarten year you know so I that's basically at this point that gamma I barely I don't remember that much but prior to that yeah like I remember very very little before my those those those years you know I'm saying sure which I'm sure he would he kind of has the same like yeah we were couple things on like four or five but not really though you know like like Matt intricate details of your life back then you know I mean when did your pops leave that far retired five I believe ten years ago so he was in there for like 23 24 years something like that wait but he was an Air Force in Minot yeah okay but like yeah he was so he he was in Minot in the Air Force for like eight years you know I'm saying so they moved him from generally from Germany yeah so he Germany to Maryland to Minot yeah okay but prior to that he was like cuz he's from Wisconsin potential Wisconsin and a man of the world yeah right and like by the time he was my age man something like Philippines and New Mexico and oh wow and this is back in like the eighties so I can't I can't imagine the funny was happened you know I mean like yeah I'm like no matter no matter who's in there for I know you know I mean like yeah I know he was that it's the 80s I've seen the movies music but like I'm kind of like envious of a I'm like dang you gotta really had a a cool like 20s you know I mean and then I he he when he moved to Panama yes you know I got stationed in Panama before I think the whole takeover thing you know when the you know classic us comes in bombs the crap out of a city and yeah try look for one person I don't really know like they were looking for Noriega Noriega was the old CIA trained agent based okay who became the dictator of Panama classic story you know a CIA trained person gets the power turns their back on the u.s. somehow someway we don't really know for sure and then the u.s. comes in Texan happens everywhere around the globe and Latin America happens in the Middle East happens it happens everywhere so that happened and my dad you know my dad was down there he was like 25 I would say 25 26 down there so I bet he uses loving it you know like very beautiful country ocean yeah he's a big fisherman so he was like you know fishing in the ocean all the time and then like he just met my mom down there it's nice you know and yeah and those those type of stories with the military happen all the time right I've met numerous people who kind of have a similar background you know going out my dad's from the states and moved to somewhere you know I met my mom and no that's why I'm mixed you know kind of a think my mom and never left Panama before that you know she's born and raised in panic Wow yeah and my older brother lives right now like we have family right there yeah he's you know and he's he's been he's been down the flight almost a year hold your brother he is 27 I know he DJ's he's a caddy Jam the MCS kind of weird how this happened you know cuz we never have like musical backgrounds and what's his name Josh Josh oh okay yeah yeah yeah exactly Josh and I telling different lies to our mother yeah how old are you 23 we were 90 - 90 - yeah March what are you okay 92 January okay yeah same same winner okay 92 babies so he's four years old early yep he was born of July of 88 and so he would have been born he was born in Panama he was born in Panama right cuz yeah that's when my parents were married my parents married at that time 88 like my brother was born so like he was he he was I was lucky to be born in Panama - but they got stationed to Maryland two years before they were supposed to get stationed again I'm saying there's two more within like the whole a whole us or takeover bombing right and like you know like operation kind of ruined a lot of do it the Panamanians had like a very sour taste in their mouths when it comes the Americans do because as they should right like in their eyes this country came over here bombed the hell out of us you know I mean and left didn't clean up their mess you know I mean it's like their friend it's like a friend you invite over brings beer can you know brings a case of beers just leaves his freaking mess everywhere orders Pete leaves boxes it's like man I got cleaned up yeah yeah but he took what you wanted now I got clean up except in this case there's probably dead bodies there's a bunch of dead bodies and they destroyed city parts of cities you know the saying like that Wow man that must be is that weird for your mom I mean um she nearly talks about it but I'm sure it's in the back for mine I talked to her friends about in Panama and I've heard those I've heard their stories like the ones who never left paint them off but like because I'm my mom's a rare case she left Panama with American you know okay you know it doesn't happen to everybody sure it happens you know but like she I guarantee sheep I didn't think she'd be in North Dakota when she was 50 years old you know I mean when she was you know 20 in Ramah yeah Panama City you know like like a big city like this is like a metro yeah I mean it's like 1.8 million people right now it's already big city it's very populated you know I mean it's the biggest city in the whole country you know it's a beautiful country man and you been there oh yeah numerous times nice new MERS what are you doing in Panama when you go uh family hang out go to the beach tours today I like my mom's like so take us like the cool places to go look at like the local like we don't go to like the tourist market we go to the local market in the ghetto and like you guys be careful where you all with that you know yeah you know I mean but like that's probably their food right oh my god delicious but like yeah I love going there man it's just cool it feel like you feel like home you know it's the the motherland right it's cool yeah I'm envious my brother and now he's having a great time what's he doing DJ and that's all he does all he does is DJ DJ's like PI three four five times a week you know depending on the week and he just like he that's how he's making a living and he's he's integrates okay yeah I don't why aren't you there cuz I got you know I'm I got things to do here man you know I'm I'm not quite ready to do that I got things to do in this country first before I start thinking about you know what you know I probably will if he's still there a couple years off I'd be like you know what you know how with a I'm gonna go to Panama have a little fun yeah to her there and bring me a man I have connections in Spain that that happen happen kind of a shake so do you feel like you have any any musical influence from from Panama not real yeah I don't really listen to like the music a nothing like that okay I mean I have a lot of like worldly views of perspective some visiting Panama like I've used in my music and my lyrics and somebody that you know I kind of like my stories of like things I've seen and people that met it's just a small small world where like the people you meet with like in the places you go like I've had some great times chilling in like hostels around the world like meeting new prey right I going out talking people it's really really cool I feel like from my friends that have spent time and in hostels I feel like they are or at least can be one of the most inspiring places for like like international I met numerous her I met a bunch I never really traveled along that much when I was studying abroad for a semester but like I usually did like a lot traveling like with like friends mine you know in my program but like I met a lot of people like in hostels like by themselves kind of just like just adventuring out by themselves and like you like my age you know I mean I'm even like a little younger than me it's like man it's so cool like be a little older like this is a good cool age you get to like write you have more freedom to do things you really want you don't have to ask permission from anybody like you know it's kind of like a changing of the age I feel like it's just like I'm getting to the point it's like man I got I got I got to accept the fact that I'm growing up and I got to start doing you know I got started thinking a little bit differently you know an act traveling around the world but kind of like it just teaches you a lot a lot of perspective my whole album it was like like my perspectives of the world cuz like my losing like what I've seen it's like a lot of my traveling is really influenced by music in my lyrics and that's where a lot of it comes from that to be honest so like growing up what in my not what was that like what did I do yeah what you do when I got to the point in like high school you know like everybody else I don't know every kind of like party you know got junk on the weekends in high school no 16 yeah probably more back then to do now man for real like just like back then it was more like partying like hanging out with your friends yeah I know now it's like you don't see some of those people anymore yeah but like there wasn't really that many things that do growing up you know especially in the wintertime it's just like you do sports after school maybe but if you don't do sports and you work I don't know maybe go go to work like you kind of hang out there's not really any things that do around here I'm sure Bismarck Scott yeah like yeah more or less you know just I think a lot of places are like that yeah but if I live like in the big city that I'm actually like things to do every night it'd be a little different right life yeah there's our shows like Minneapolis as that shows everything Minneapolis right yeah yeah well were you when did you get interested in music okay so like I mean like I always like listen to music yeah yeah I was just the music but like it was a seventh grader and I really this is like LimeWire days you know I'm not sure downloading music and I started this in like you know the cliched Tupac and Biggie Smalls and like really got into that and I got that's cliche it's very cliche when I said it was the best to pocket big you know neither yeah Rock him is he number like wow but I got you know like you kind of like so this I started sin to like be a kind of them the really popular names of hip hop like I could find at first you know the Tupac's the biggies the doctor dream and so it's like I feel like maybe maybe this is just like white kids I feel like white kids always gonna be boys tribe dude no I love tribe I'm Brown I love try new tribe oh yeah I was kidding I was gonna get to the test I'm so glad you brought that up cause like my brother I remember I remember this very clearly I remember my brother was giving my my homey and I back in those days I ride to the fair one day this is a fair my not right I was gonna ride and he was playing the CD called rarities remixes and something I don't know hits class I don't know it's like a tropical acai greatest hits album like the anthology of them and I was like a Tribe Called Quest like kind of names that I was like mystical yeah I was like what does that even mean I remember hear like that don't ya it's like what is in the right base can I kick it yeah like Tribe Called Quest is like my favorite group of all time man like that is my favorite like a q-tip and five dog man like those two were just so good man like De La Soul is one my favorites things were obviously one of my favorites and it's like Oh Charter has really got me it's like that's Tyler you're like hot like nodding your head back and forth like the q-tip really has like a way of like telling stories with a little humor like really good at rhyme scheming and he's like the genius behind the whole group he makes although he makes a lot of the beats I just love them so much man like I watched him on Jimmy never on Jimmy Fallon a couple cuz they just released their first album and man that like I was at the bar evany I was at Evan eaters in Minot and like they had it on TV but it was on silent you know cuz like there's like a live band every night and I was watching I was like man I'm just like getting goosebumps just watching it and then I went home and watched on my laptop and listened to it yeah listened to it I was like dude I yeah I gotta see those guys yeah they're my favorite by far like they are like it's funny you said like white boys I thought you say Beastie Boys there's something about tribe that is just this like the definition of the hip-hop to me like that's what my definition of a pop is it's like it's it's tribe man like they're like the callback rappers you know like they get like the can I kick it yes you can look like that wasn't like that popular back like they like they kind of like really push that you know like that's what I think hip-hop is is I can move the crowd MC oh yeah get the interaction from the people I remember watching like videos of them I remember like before ice play my first shot was like studying like performances by people and they had this one performance for like they had like one mic or they both had a mic were like five dog was rapping and then like five dog would do this with his mic and then q-tip was just like rapping five five silly ryx as like he was passing the mic back and forth you know like five dog was doing his like a little bit then you pass it the q-tip and cutes it like facing each other and q-tip would finish the lyric I was like man that's like that's just so cool to me you know like wow like the chemistry but I was too and like I just feel like hip-hop performances back then were just a lot differently like they were more MC skills you gotta have like the the outgoing personality I feel like back in those days now it's more like it's kind of weird nowadays it's just like it's a lot it's a lot more less interaction more like music that's a bad way it took like less crowd interaction more like focus on me only look at me idolatry yeah well I like doing that because it's like it's like I like getting in the and talking to the crowd and rapping about the crowd or you know making some people like remember me you know I mean like I like to entertain now I just speed up before I could be an entertainer you know have fun with it but I was funny white boys like so when was the first time you heard tribal I was like 13 or 13 and that was sort of your like that was like a point where hip-hop came into your car I was like 12 13 is on Silas thing that's a wrap I started downloading a lot of music on LimeWire you know I mean like I'm like like some kid was rapping you like gym class and said carry those like and just like you know like yeah and like I was always the scene for like old-school hip-hop I was always just like the hip-hop that was like way older than me and I just found it like that's what I've always been listening to and like that's kind of I think you I think people who like like that kind of music and kind of kind of feel it in me like when I'm like rapping on stage or on record at every like cuz that's my influences that's what that's what I still listen to I still I still find music that's older than me and it's a new to me you know thanks I know there's so much back from back in those days it's like you stumble upon these like great albums and songs and artists and producers and DJs and say yeah this is like 30 this is like 25 years old but it's new to me yeah you know it's crazy well I've because a lot of the new stuff I gave it I give it a chance it's like I don't feel it I don't like right it's a different mindset not hip-hop one of the things that I've heard about yeah like the mindset then was like everybody is trying to do to do their own thing like to do something original to do something like not to fit into a mold or now people kind of like they want to sound a certain way they want to sound trap or they want to send well nowadays we'll hear that new Drake song for example and try to end and try to make it yeah and try to be the same thing I take whatever is hot take whatever style or or like whatever is like new and cool and try to do the same thing and then once that's done and there's a new one they'll do the same thing with like Endocyte man you're not it's like it's like only David Bowie can pull that kind of stuff I mean like yeah like I can't all be lucky like I hit pop you gotta beat ya be you like like that's the that's what sets and that's what separates a lot of MCS is like guess stay true to you guy but you can't sell it the next person who wants to dude who wants to sell at the next person you know I'm like yeah what's the point of it I don't know I never really understood that like I played fails with my man 5 these rappers sound the same kind of style beats with the same lyrics you know or you hard bro you know it's like the same stuff it's like my guy anyone I like to express yourself I want I want to send messages and you know like give some smiles and put some humor into in showcase you know I'm not free like I like freestyle a lot you know I write we start freestyling it shows people tend to listen look more carefully you know I mean because if they can tell you're freestyling they there are tensions a little bit more higher yeah well it's like when you're freestyling or improvising you're you're creating this space that's kind of scary you know so yeah it puts you on edge it music crowd on and along the way that makes them curious I think you don't want to like just sound terrible as a free salary because it's like you supposed to be this rapper who who should be able to freestyle so you don't want to come off as like a bad one you know I mean it's kind of a kind of like a fear in the back of a lot of MCS head I would assume yeah yeah I feel that way as a drummer yeah you know yeah exactly look you have like a pedestal I kind of do something yeah I don't want to look like an idiot exactly yeah kind of thing right so how long did it take between you hearing you know you sit in your bedroom like downloading all this like hip-hop getting into it for you to to start writing or start I was okay so I listen to hip-hop like all the middle school all of high school this is when I found out all my favorites you know I'm saying like this is why I dove in it's like all the oh let's go hip-hop I used to just always listen to it always like you know I mean like I've just listened to a whole bunch of new albums I'm like everyday and there's a soak I just really delve into it I was like I never wanted to be a rapper man never really had the vision of being rapper out but I always I always had like a business like mine because I'd enjoy knitting school and stuff like that and I was like I won't own like a label one day I was like I like a you know just like a far-fetched dream not really like yeah but like hopefully married like I think it'd be kind of cool to like sure you know build an empire of cool music it's the comic like I'm sure is doing does but like the last couple years of high school like all the parties we all like had like all like the friend like we had like you know like that friend group of that we always have parties with you know I'm saying we'd always like at the end the night all of us are drunk or something like we have a little freestyle circles I never participated oh really so scared it's a freestyle and like like you know embarrassed or something or I don't know just wasn't I wasn't confident yeah with rapping back then I just didn't want to do it and my friends are I was like come on man come on dude no no no I'm cool I'm just listening and like that was like that for like two or three years man like junior senior year freshman year college and then all of a sudden sophomore year college a breakup happens you know I mean and it's just like sorry like you're hiding things yeah and this is like like 10 years after I started this is a hip hop kind of like you know take like eight eight ten years on that I mean it prior to this prior to like riding this one song in particular I was riding like little bars here and there but they're so bad there's so terrible sure like you know this is just me trend this is me too like I'm like oh my try I'm gonna try write some lyrics you know I wasn't taking it serious I'm gonna try I wrote the song over this roots beat over this route song called what they do it is like a love song kind of and I wrote it and like I don't know how long it took me to write it or like how like the process went but I just like remember writing and I was like this is kind of good know this is pretty cool and then luckily what am I really good friends hills even Hills II yeah at this point at this point in time I was at you and Dean he was in Minneapolis studying at the artists into for recording right so like I get to go over there for free does from record stuff because it was like basically his homework almost in the sense yeah i mean so like I got really spoiled right away when I started my first show was that benefit concert for friend of mine who passed away recently oh wait like a year ago he battled cancer yeah and uh you know there was beneficial for him it's sweet the Swiss got man like the night she was ever met and it was like a hundred plus people this was my first show I was butterflies in my stomach nervous so much you know so much anxiety for the show and like preparation for it and like and then like I also got to like recording like a nice studio for like my first recordings and like I got really a gun I go see ya and I really got a spoiled right away which recordings were those grandma's basement okay you heard those I mean I still gotta move you wanna below no I want him yeah I took him off the internet I was like this is a terrible man I got four hundred I still have just like one song like hills II messed it up and like the one side the headphones didn't play you know like one side the speakers did players like god dang it dude like so like that was kind of my first attempt of recording music but like the first song was you know over at roots beat just cuz you know I had some emotions basically right and like that was like yes I like writing I was like I kind of like to do this and I kept on doing it and like I'd like seven tracks six or seven tracks that I wrote they were like this is bad used around like three verse tracks you know like like verse verse verse like nowadays and I hardly ever do that and you shorten them I know yeah i shortened but better content in a more concise back then it was just like I I was I was kind of struggling with like I don't know I was like a beginning housing above novice a songwriter you know I mean so i was like i was i was rhyming too much with too many words and not really getting my point across right like you know but like you know with everything you evolve you get a little better and like being in school really helped to it spent a lot of time and i spent a lot of time in the library my sophomore year because i was like man I get my grades up you know I mean I was like I don't want I wanna get down the in the you know hole and dig myself out 50 feet but like how do you the library for hours you know at that time I was there for so long because I would take a little break so I start writing Lee and listening instrumentals and a lot of my first songs I signed I wrote in a cubicle on the second floor at the Chester Fritz library in Grand Forks campus the University North Dakota LA I wrote a lot of songs in those cubicles actually like I did like a lot of my sophomore early songwriting in the in that library this cause like you know I get bored and I go like I get bored of studying for economics or the hell study or the time yeah yeah I wanted I wanted to ask you about about that like what your usual writing processes like if you if it's it's I mean it sounds like something you do in between doing other things sort of like riding right okay right now like currently writing is so spontaneous okay you know so it could be like any time yeah do you sit down to write ever yeah sometimes uh I'll just be I'll be at work you know at the high school and like sometimes I'll be like boom I got these like four bars my own like oh right that damn iPad real quick you know okay ever later okay like like that one that once acapella I Spit earlier I started writing that at school how's that work do you know it's like oh sure like but I covered I just you know just had this idea and I started in like so like I don't know writings really sometimes I like like I really had to write a song for example I'm coming in this studio I really I gotta get the song done so I'll just sit there and my turtle spend like how are much times sometimes it's a very little amount of time sometimes a long time what's uh what's um what's the range is a little mound of time like like a half hour to an hour to like a couple hours you know I mean like or maybe even like coming back to it later in the day or like the next day because it's like man I'm stuck I got blocked I got the blood I get writer's block all right I got the writer's block you know it's like the disease or something it is man but like I don't know I reading like sometimes like I can't forget writing some songs you know just like they just kind of happened you know it's like I'm all right I'm okay it was written so long ago man like really like I like to year almost took more than two years ago so say was quiet well okay yeah so some of this stuff like on the upcoming album is old I've been playing it for a long time but like it's like from those cubicles yeah yeah yeah like my desk at home am i at my college housing I mean yeah yeah it's for a lot of my time a lot of my writing came from being in my room or being those cubicles yeah in like doing homework and he's saying you know what I'm I'm over this homework right now I've kind of done I'm gonna chill for a bit have a little free time little fun time I just put on an instrumental obstacle because like especially you're doing homework like writing a paper or studying for something your creative juices basically a you know they're pumping you're using your brain a little bit so like yeah I feel like that kind of helped me a little bit actually likes to do writing what I'm doing something already that like I got these my mind you know it's something that I'm really like doing they're like really focused and then like that's what I'm really focused you know I'm saying right then like I can like have a little fun with writing I don't know I bet that's kind of oh no it's kind of my writing set I don't just like alright enough I gotta write I gotta sell anymore sometimes I have my days I'm I wrote so much Sunday's I'm a dealer like I've written a couple days inside I got I suck I'm not doing what I'm not doing I should be doing you know I mean yeah like how much how much stuff do you write that you just scrap a lot like it's good to get this out yeah it's like you're gonna do a certain amount of like horrible work yeah yeah like I've written like verses I'm like I do a complete sixteen bars I'm like this is garbage like well sure I'll save it but I'm not gonna use it maybe I'll take like one line out of that terribleness of sixteen you know maybe one or two of them will stick I'm like yeah now I'd actually do that quite often actually all right a lot I don't like it so I can just forget about it but I'll come back to like two lines so they're like oh that actually kind of sounds cool I'll just copy and paste that basically and use it for somebody else or use different on different verses ever that happens quite often but like writing from my own writings kind of weird for me and it kind of comes and goes and I don't like to like I don't want to put pressure on myself like I need to like write right now this song to this I could let it come organically you know I mean yep even like if I have a good deadline like I tell myself ok I gotta work out something this week it has to happen this week and I'm like I kind of put a bit more focus into it a little more thought and then like it then it just happens you know like something happens throughout my day or something or I thinking of something and then just I just start writing how much editing of stuff do you do like oh I do not proofreading ok a lot of googling they make sure my facts are yeah well like we've talked about wrong facts yeah my proofreading goes it's like going through the instrumental and the song and making sure it's on time you know cutting kind of words or adding words to something like stand in rhythmic proofread yeah exactly to make sure the syllables are on point you know into like yeah cuz you can just naturally hear it's just like it's kind of off a little bit you know either add or subtract so that's kind of like my proofreading cuz like like or like I'll change words if something else sounds better like you know you know okay just stuff like that and I like that kind of like never stops that's always just like sometimes when I'm spitting in the booth I Spit different things I'll take one take and I look like the next take I'll add or subtract a word and sometimes just sure it all depends on like if I mess now you're messing up but like it's all the friends I'm like if I do it differently then how like I went in there prepared to do it right and then I just freestyle and just add something to make it I shorten it up right over I if I went over 200 I just try to fix it on the spot just act like loud my lyrics like are written down the finished product is like kind of like a little different you know it means it just happens like that yeah it can't help it you keep it sort of flexible yeah exactly and like dude I've done it numerous times on this album recording with you know just like it's just like I go into this like in the booth hands just like yeah I just forgot I forgot you wouldn't you wouldn't know you know like nobody would know besides me yeah and like it's just like absolute drive like left words out I just done completely different than how I always done it before and it's like wow it sounded cool though you know yeah organic like organic you're not freestyling no with your drunk friends no because you're too nervous yeah I'm just not I wasn't comfortable at that point and then I try to do it you get to college do I didn't really I wasn't countable to start free sounds like a year ago man it's scary it's scary man like it really is like people are like really listening to what you're saying and yeah you gotta be on point yeah be good at it so you get to college and this girl dumps you yeah and then it Spurs the yeah the artistic like yeah Drive prior to this I was you know writing very very very very very little with no aspirations to do anything with it I just like kind of just goofing around goofing around exactly and then all of a sudden there's a moat you know I get these feelings in these emotions oh my god do some and you know just came out one day I show my buddy I'll go check out this is a song I wrote man he's like I was actually hills that showed hills in this long time ago mechanism Minneapolis oh my get what do you think dude like like he did all my first recordings back in the day like we we really actually recorded in his grandma's basement that's pretty funny it's interesting to see that nexus point of like okay I'm gonna do I'm gonna do this now yeah not just messing around yeah but like it's kind of took a while for people to like take me seriously as being like a rapper like before is it's like there's like my friends is like oh yeah my friends like a rapper he's just like trying it out but now it's like oh he's actually like doing it yeah he's actually like touring and Dan shows in other states and recording studios is holding that yeah there was kind of a weird transition into that you know I mean like like it's like no this isn't it's definitely a hobby you always will be a hobby you know I mean cuz I enjoy doing it but it's also like it's like I'm trying to make it like a craft like an art you know I mean so I sure and people are starting to like really kind of catch on and like kind of accept that about myself about me and like yep like so when people I haven't seen in a while they're like oh you know how was your music you know I'm like oh cool you know thank you for asking you know I'm glad you are curious about it yeah I mean I'm gonna like you actually care it's your identity yeah but it was really like it was kind of a weird transition into that like like going from just me to like being me and being like a rapper as well like on the weekends ever you know you yeah like being it yeah it's like being like a FBI agent or something I like to compare it to it's like you're a different person like you'd like mr. and mrs. Smith yeah so you do you still feel that disconnect no not really like when did that when did that change when did the identity of you being a rapper become real to you to be honest I think is when I went to Spain and oh sorry meeting you know these people from like yesterday they're my program and you yeah you went just bein as exchanges yeah yeah study bar yes and I started telling people in college yeah well I start telling like my people my program like my friends in my program like cuz like we all Facebook well Facebook friends and sorry that and like someone be like they're like do you sing you know like you're in a band am i that's always like like it's always do you sing a my is like mmm I use my voice I my vocals but like so like I was like now I rap back home actually and people were like what like you know you're like you know and whenever people asked me to spit something might remember has it these are the best days of our lives you know let's feel like I'm around okay verse and like people were like dang it I'm like yeah I actually do this quite often you know I mean like just because I'm his fan I'm not gonna stop like but man I had the world works in the coolest way sometimes man like I live with the host family and I was there and their nephew cousin whoever you talking to I guess wasn't a band I met him like the first week I was there is like the drummer who's like like in his band I mean like I got like a bunch of friends with that live in Spain because of like my host cousins session you know I'm saying like my host family's family sure so like cuz he was like 2 years old he's like 25 yeah she's like two threes older than me so I like hung out with him and his friends like every night and like him and his another guy would like some of my best friends I had down there they actually make like one of my friends actually does like sound engineering and does like sound for concerts and like does recordings and it's like man in Spain yeah in Spain yeah it's like man like the small world sometimes man like that that's my connection do I have connections I want go I want to go I want to go back to Spain play music and like just just go back there I played two shows at this bar around there and I also played the other show with my friends like their band was playing like this like a little mountain village town and like I went to go like hang out and like I played this song with them and stuff and then they actually helped me get like these shows at this little tiny bar it was like max capacity of 50 dude it was like 75 people in there you know I mean like it was jam-packed of like my friends for my program and my friends of my local friends that met it was really cool cause like there's nobody else playing shows in Spain from North Dakota like yeah like I just take whatever opportunity I get and like roll within just like it was just like I think that's kind of when I was like man I think I'd tell my host family that I do like hip hop you know that's why I was played in the show and I was like oh maybe like you know that's my identity right now you know that's who I am that's what like that's a lot of people know me as a lot people remember remember me as you know is just like I think that's like that that time over there it was like maybe that's what you know I should accept that yeah that's that's who I am people want label label me that that's cool yeah cool cool what kind of reactions or like feelings did people at that point have towards you being a rapper was it like was it was it mostly positive yeah yeah yeah was it like oh all right nah like it is positive because like it's just like be if you know I'd say I like to think I got a decent personality you know say I'm pretty outgoing and stuff like that so like if it's just like anything else if you are a likeable person and treat people with the Oh be kind and friendly and just be a genuine person people are gonna like you and like want you to succeed at whatever you whatever you do so that that's really helped me is like being a rapper or doing music could ever do the shows I have people that actually like want to come watch me and you gotta have a because like they come and I've given them a fun time in the past so like I just looked upon as I can entertain a noun like which I love it you know I think that's really cool that's what I want to do I feel like I'm decent at it you know I mean I'm not those things I'm not really good at those things I'm good at and this is just happy to be like what I'm good at so I just kind of embrace it and I even worked like like the school I work at man like the high school somehow before even like even say anything about it like kids knew me as cold sweat I was like how do these kids know who I am like like serious they're like 16 years old like how do they and I was like my mom will yeah I don't think my mom's my mom like the introduction yeah she your mom works there yeah yeah she's a teacher as well I'm not teacher but she's a teacher there and like you know she was doing like her introductions the first couple days of class and she's quite sure you know he's much miss my husband's my son's my son's of DJ my son's a rapper you know I mean it's like it's just really funny that I were and like I'm like you know what I'm gonna throw some all these shows just for these little kids you know I mean just like bring that bring those half-shells back you know trying to bring some tribe bridge the gap you know I mean obviously those kids will be fans forever I know might not need like a new rush of young people the awesome any new artists new young artists huh yeah it would be super cool to see that I want to I want to encourage kids to do I kind of talk to like see if I can like do like an after school like a little Club thing yo hip-hop Club oh do you help kids right that would be great you know that would be great it'd be like a spoken word I don't know I'm gonna look into that I think I think they'd let me do it you know yeah they're pretty good because I I'm not like the best of speaking Spanish - I'm pretty decent in it it's kind of like my you know my life you know I've been around by the language on my life so like I translate a lot and it's like that's like my job there it's funny just what is your job there I have kids with English is a second language okay cool like librarian sort of yeah just look at a time a gonna need okay that's basically I am I'm like I'm not teaching I'm oh my oh my friends like oh my like look do you work at a school yeah well you're a teacher I'm like no it's not what are you talk about the lunch ladies are my teachers is right yeah I mean I'm I'm kind of I'm basically teaching for like it's just cool man like it's cool - I started to see what my mom like it's for the right it's kind of right it's kind of cool it like and I kind of like keeps me humble man it really keeps me humble like helps me reach out help more people but like this kind of it's bun it's my job though I get paid right right like just to help kids and like you know give my opinions of what they ask me and give them help and advice and whatever they need it's just it's very humbling man yeah it makes me uh makes me now it makes me it put my ego in check yeah yeah I'm yeah no that's great because I don't need it like so many times I just like I don't want to be that I'm tired I stayed up late the night before I'm 23 you know I mean like I'm still still Kaeding it up but like I add this job like I'd be there eight o'clock in the morning your day so it's like some days I'm just like I got any more coffee right now kids will ask me questions I'm like I have no idea how I suck at science you know like like I sit in these classes and like for this kid because like he needs help with translations and stuff come from Spanish to English sure and they're doing like chemical reactions like balancing equations I'm like I don't even I learn this 10 years ago haven't used it since I'm not gonna learn it now cuz I'm not gonna race much like ants like I'm does you to translate I'm not gonna teach this that's not my specialty because it's like I still don't get how to do that thank you no I mean yeah it's very humbling experience family it really puts you in check when I deal with people who have like these egos and stuff you know just just meeting other people have big egos this is like man you are the exact reason why I don't like to have one or be like self-entitled Jerrica I try that I really try to help people as much as I can yep just because I believe in karma you mean one day sure I'm gonna need help actually every day I need help somewhere some way shape or form I need someone's help I feel like because that I'm there for people you know people are there for me and just like that's what life is kind of about you know I mean like you have the chance the opportunity to help somebody you don't know why you wouldn't but people do it all the time but uh yeah it's kind my opinions on it the tangents I always forget the question man you ask me these questions I keep on I think I answered the first 10 seconds I just talk about something else yeah like a politician man damn emails Bernie Sanders 2016 by the way so I feel like the best teachers are also lifelong students oh yeah very open to learning and they want to learn and I think sometimes maybe that's overlooked but do you feel like this sense of teaching and being helpful towards others is part of who you are as a musician yeah definitely man like I've helped a lot of people with music like like for shows or just you know doing things like and I've I've been involved with a lot you know I try to be involved as much as I can just because one I like to gain the experience and to I decide I just like to be involved and I to like have my input involve the story back so I feel like I can I can help out and I just I know it's very nice to like like for example when you're on tour and you like play shows to these locals you really help like the locals kind of like help you out you know you put a lot of faith in these locals about crying like a bill together and try to get like could draw you know I mean so like in return if they ever come to your city you you do the same thing so I'm always about I uh you know I believe in karma it's just like I help people hoping in the end if I need help or 500 I really really need help someone won't hesitate to help me and like that's what I feel like everyone should think that way or like I don't not think that way but like always be helpful because you're gonna need it one day and I think if you're not helpful for other people good luck getting help you know and it doesn't really take that much to really help people like if they if they need help if they have questions and want your advice it's like it doesn't take anything to give it to them yeah you know so tell me about a time that you really needed help a few times one time I spent the night in jail talk about why but you know I really needed help and my dad drove like two hours come get me where were you in jail Devil's Lake and Devil's Lake Rhea well old Rhea a date to 1888 yeah I was 19 high school freshman year of college I was driving back to uh Grand Forks you don't tell me why I don't say what but uh but you know I never felt so like helpless dude it's like being in jail was like a terrible experience man like is so bad and like now I got you're like Ted saw Brian you could you could leave I'm like what who's like what it's laughs Ryan don't like you know they were like look that was like my name on the list today I was pod just like a number some who knows was it was it scary man it was like I was thinking the into I couldn't sleep no I was there for like 18 hours 12 hours man I was just like I shouldn't be here I really messed up I was like wow I need a like you know make sure I never come again when my dad came and I saw him coming the door I had the biggest smile my face I think I should hear I love you so much thank you so much for coming to get me what was his reaction you know disappointment at first but he's just like you know I got you son you know you're like you know I'm here for you yeah you know you live and learn you learn from your mistakes it wasn't like a terrible thing you know just like what did that no you don't you know what did what did what did you learn from your song be careful you can't okay dealing with law and yeah I having to go to court and services and waste of time and money yeah because what gets you in the ad man that money you give them for your fees and court vines and stuff is a Christmas party for those that courthouse yeah yeah it's gone you know I mean it's kind of do this one time in Grand Forks I had this crazy Halloween party house party me three my other roommates at the time of Grand Forks woman dude there was like the court papers said there's 250 kids there but there's whoa there was probably like 300 350 maybe for like big like the entire upstairs as well downstairs is for the garage is for the backyard for the front nervous for and like 12:30 came around the cops came cos he missed about 30 in Grand Forks I'm like we had a rap show in the basement Janson I'd like we put a set on together and some of my other friends come and played it because it's long high five with Janssen and I I don't know like probably it's like like my whole verse that my whole person that song is about this party a Halloween party we threw it this is Halloween of 13 2013 see my 4th year of college and yeah we ended up going to not with we didn't we didn't go Jimmy's got a ticket it you know we've got like finds whatever yeah we end up going to court cuz you know I was like it was like a loud party like dude but like the bug is part of it that I hate the justice system cuz like no one called in there is no complaint just these officers say they could hear it from whatever far away I'm like well I'm not dissemble piece then you know like you know one if no civilian calls about I don't really think I'm disturbing anybody until somebody says something about it but like we ended up paying all three of us individually had to pay 750 dollars because they said with that many people they put the lives of the officers lives in danger Emma you gotta be kidding me as soon as because you know it's a college party is a bunch of underage people there I know I was barely 21 you know and soon as a college party man as soon as someone says cops people are gone people leave I mean I was like so that place was full and empty in like ten minutes time s next that next time you see Sean ask him about his experience that he came there after the cops came he walk in the door and my roommate ira dressed up as nuns that year and so like me they were talking to the cops and Sean comes to the door like Sean dude show's over man oh okay so obvious question but like send people how yeah first what is then people who is then people and then people is like a community of people I guess kind of thing like you're wearing the t-shirt yeah yeah I don't know it's really hard to explain like what it is really it's like we're kind of trying to do a lot of things with it I guess but it's mostly it's mostly aka real truth Janssen aka Jan Tony and myself and like a bunch of our other always that like sometimes do like they don't go yeah yeah yeah but see us three is really like the car and then like buck nasty more player kinda like our DJs and sometimes yeah yeah kind of like all like like like I'm always like hey I got a show come on you guys making both you know right they're very helpful with like they always want to be involved in like we're kind of like a collective of yeah hip-hop basically I don't kind of started as like kind of Jansen's thing at first be honest with you like cuz I got oh sure so one group the logo for the yeah yeah yeah so our buddy Tanner drew this up like I think this was one of the original logo who drew it our buddy Tanner from Grant like Jansen's like best friend from back in the day he's he came on our first tour together he's he's great guy musician no no you just just um you probably have is he a designer no not really just yeah he just came up the it's very simple I mean yeah so they start making like shirts it's kind of honestly pretty iconic yeah I mean maybe part of that each stickers cuz yeah it's kind of dancing just camera he was like it was like kind of as a merch you know I mean like Zen people's kind of like a like I don't know what he wanted to do with it at first he just started making like the like after the logo was made stickers came shirts came and like I was in Spain and we were kind of like y'all we gotta like we should just make up a name for ourselves you know like a dog group together and like I was kind of against it at first really you know cuz I was like tell me about that well it was kind of like it's kind of like Jansen's thing already you know a name isn't it no no no it was just kinda like his venture you know it's kind of it was kind of like his own thing at first you know it's like I don't I just didn't want to like step on his toes you know I thought I thought it wasn't like an like an ego thing for you know I want to step on his toes know as though it was just like I just felt like I was more like his thing you know and I but like I always thought it was more like a a brand name for him not not so much like a group you know I mean right cuz he started cuz he started like label like making t-shirts and marching it out and making stickers and some of that so I was a sign yeah I was like it's kind of like his own thing already but then like I was like and then Sean was inside kind of making the point where like he's like exactly man like it's already like it's really like a branded name we're all within like you ain't got point you so I know you you studied economics you're kind of business minded yeah you didn't you don't have a business career at all you yeah yeah that's my I got a business degree with the emphasis in that kind of business economic and then an international minor in Spanish yeah major in Spanish oh really so you double double major international business minor so five years in college man two three years I mean out of college about two three hours yeah so like when I was in Spain I was kind of like the decision to like kind of go forward with it cuz like but before this like Janssen and Shawn and I were doing shows like all the time together like not really we were already like kind of like a group of individuals kind just doing everything together like but like you know you know I mean like we've been friends ever been friends ever since we kind of all started doing shows like more consistently there's like this one shown in particular in Grand for my first time ever playing a show in Grand Forks is like February 2013 at the original Giada not the original Jax the original Giada was a different place but at the downtown the downtown locate you guys played yeah you know I'm talking about on the corner yeah there was a spot before that yeah it was like in the basement somewhere I think I maybe it wasn't called Giada but was like you should man that's a good one here people I got like there was like a hip-hop show at the old the jaw like the downtown one is like Janssen me Shawn's group at the time called the the Union which is like oh not together anymore and there's a kid kids are you yeah oh yeah feels like if gene time the butcher I think Mike Mike Jordan like Mike Jordan was there taking pictures really like it was everybody it was like it was like the beginning of what has become the last couple years you know I'm saying Wow like every time we had shows in Grand Forks the after parties on my like my old house my old college I was four so like Sean and came over and like we hit it instantly we were who did you live with three guys from ina who's like at my house no no no none of them do music okay but like yeah just it's my house you know it was a good time Sean and I just became friends like from the get-go and like all right like before that show Janson eyes that was like a month before that show Jansen I became friends like we like be we got introduced to each other basically I hit him up on reverbnation you know I mean we're up nation is the match it's the match.com for hip-hop it's like you find like people to work with you know I do like Haley Bob knows like man like I live in Grand Forks I see that you live in Grand Forks and he's like yeah I need you to cover my house like this is like all over reverbnation like emails you know it was even like text yeah and like I like his girlfriend always like tells the story it's so funny so like I went to his house with the one time doing like I went there I Spit a verse like on his like vlog mixtape a girl I along it like two three mixtapes to go from him and the rest is just history dude we just kept on like kicking it and like background it in Grand Forks at Janssen I actually you know we hang out we chillin like Eva for now to do music we just don't play video games okay go get lunch so you and Jensen were hanging out and in college I was gonna call he does he didn't he wasn't in school he was just he's just from Grand Forks oh okay he was at that and well how old were you guys I was 20 he was 19 and he was living his parents at that point we just went I went to his parents house when he was like hanging out yeah we just like we just always hang out at that you know let me just like yeah start hanging out and we really do like for it as many times we hung out to the shows and like tour do something really dumb it we don't want any songs together you know we just really don't we just say we spend more than three of you kind of like we don't have yeah yeah we kind of all have our own responsibilities and roles and the whole group you know I mean like seanix lava Kate's chammak slow like the music you know I mean like I do lot booking and like Jansen is fairshare booking too and like developers do like the promo Charlie the shine is a lot of like the merchandise because he works with the merchandise plays let me get it we get our furniture and we are all kind of like you know do nothing we're more like individuals that do a group thing hey that's it for this week tune in next time for the second part of the cold sweat interview cold sweat is putting out an album March 22nd called the right to arm a bear if you can find Colt sweat on Facebook or on Instagram as at cold sweat nd I'm your host Nora the janitor hit me up you know tell me what you tell me what you think I want to want some feedback I'm curious who's listening so get a hold of me you can find me at prairie goth comm you know hit me up on Instagram on at Nora the janitor Prairie gothis on Facebook or you know I just give me a call shoot me a text seven oh one four seven one eight five one eight find me I lift I keep in touch thanks for listening to me and cold sweat having a moon rise conversation see in the future be well